Bottled bacteria will introduce ammonia into a tank, so do not be alarmed if the label lists it. Cycling the tank water will help to balance out the ammonia and nitrites produced by the fish and introduce bacteria that will eat these harmful chemicals.

How To Grow Good Bacteria In A Fish Tank 8 Steps Fishkeepup

After all, the beneficial bacteria need something to feed on.

How to introduce bacteria into fish tank. It’s also a good idea to install a light in the quarantine tank plus a heater and a cover to mimic the main tank’s conditions. Take a sponge filter from the main tank and put it in the quarantine tank to introduce good bacteria. There are several ways to get the nitrogen cycle started in your tank.

The easiest way is by adding water to your tank from a fish tank that is already established.

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How To Grow Good Bacteria In A Fish Tank 8 Steps Fishkeepup

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