I also poke some holes in the side of the box. If hay is to be stored in air tight containers you must ensure the moisture content of your hay is at a very low level.

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Fresh clean grass is a treat for your guinea pigs.

Hay storage ideas for guinea pigs. The rest is being stored out of sight until the bin needs to be refilled. 21 guinea pig cage ideas. Where do you guys store you hay?

As a general rule, guinea pig hay should be stored in a dry location with plenty of air circulation to allow the hay to “breathe”. Best 140 rabbit home accessories & great ideas ideas on; Moisture content plays a large role in hay storage and is discussed in full below.

Diy guinea pig wooden cage. This has always worked for me, and i have never had brown or bad hay. Although it can't hold huge quantities, it does fit about 8 pounds of loosely packed hay.

Guinea pigs need access to unlimited amounts of hay. 342 best guinea pigs images on pinterest; Guinea pigs like being messy, and need unrestricted access to hay.

See more ideas about hay racks, litter box, bunny care. Once a week or so (depending on how quickly the container gets empty) i just top that up from the hay in the garage. If hay is to be stored in air tight containers you must ensure the moisture content of your hay is at a very low level preferably below 15%.

While a hay rack may look like a neat idea, it’s always better to just leave a pile of hay in their cage. As an alternative, you could also use fabric laundry bags with handles. In response to mixing hay, yes, i actually do mix.

Our current pig is larry. As i have written before, we have had guinea pigs for a long time. You can see the plastic container of hay under the cage (on top of the box which has pee pads in it), and the book on.

We found some on amazon in cute patterns. Whatever you do, don't forget about fresh grass which contains much higher amounts of vitamin c. 39 best images about hay rack litter box ideas on;

If you like having strong wooden objects around, this elementary wooden cage is a perfect pick. Our current pig is larry. Simple yet classy, this cage promises ample open space for your guinea pig to run and enjoy itself.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what the best way is to keep your hay fresh for your furry friends. The baled hay pictured at right is stored vertically to allow easy removal of a thin flake of hay while maintaining the compactness and integrity of the bale. It meet all the criteria for proper hay storage and the removable cloth interior can be washed.

Hay storage box with lid. Bunny rabbit hay feeder and. Rabbit litter tray and hay feeder diy ikea;

Offering varity is a good thiong, so i usually mix timothy, orchard grass, and oat hay. Our hay storage boxes come with breathable eyelets which enable the hay to remain fresh. Additionally, the storage location should be free of pests and any form of dampness.

Or 4 payments of $4.97 with info. 39 best hay rack litter box ideas images on pinterest; Hay storage ideas for guinea pigs.

Lots of guinea pig parents use hay racks to keep their hay nice and tidy, but unfortunately most hay racks restrict their access to eating in a natural way. Plastic bins are a common way to store hay, but they don’t allow air flow either (plus they are darn ugly). Do not store your hay in air tight tubs or containers as this will cause the hay to ferment and encourage the growth of mould.

I put my hay in a cardboard box loose, with the top open. I use scepter storage bins for the hay that i using and the hay that i not need yet i keep in there bags and put them in garbage bags. Pros pallets allow air flow waterproof avoids direct sunlight cons hay needs to be stacked correctly tarp needs to be secured strongly storing hay correctly whether indoors or outdoors will ensure you hay remains fresh, promotes longevity and will enable your guinea pigs to.

Hay is a stable, and as such is needs to be accessible for your guinea pigs 24/7/365. Make diy christmas gifts for your pet; As her residents require a wide variety of hay, this idea facilitates safe and aesthetically pleasing hay storage.

I put my hay in a cardboard box loose, with the top open. A great solution for keeping hay indoors! That way your guinea pigs are always able to escape, if their cage buddy decides to invade their private space.

One of the founders uses attractive large leaf storage bags for her hay. One great idea to keep in mind, is to only get hideaways with more than one entrance. So, here is a free way to make a hay box for your guinea pig, so they stay healthy and happy.

And, like other animals such as rabbits and hamsters, guinea pigs’ teeth grow continuously, so chewing hay helps keep the growth in check.

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